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How Rick Simpson’s Oil Can Treat Cancer

As cancer is becoming epidemic, more and more doctors are getting aware of the benefits of hemp oil. The problem lies with the conventional thoughts that hinder the positive qualities that hemp oil has on cancer. The limited research that has done on Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment has proved that the components CBD and THC have an amazing effect on the cells of cancer. The researchers have found that the components of the oil show a remarkable effect on the malignant cells. The researchers also claimed that if used with conventional methods such as chemotherapy and radiation, this oil can work miraculously.

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What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a type of thick and often sticky oil that is comprised of the components CBD and THC. The Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment has the most concentrated forms of cannabis products and can be considered as one of the most powerful alternative medicine that can fight cancer. The oil is extracted from fresh cannabis plants. As a result, the oil is full of THC, the psychoactive compound which is often found in cannabis.


Who Is Rick Simpson?

The oil has been invented by Rick Simpson who dedicated his life to inventing the cure for cancer. The essential oil was derived from hemp by Rick himself. Rick himself was suffering from cancer and experienced the positive effect of the hemp oil first hand. After he was cured of cancer, Rick decided to let other people know about the benefits of the oil. For almost a decade he is trying to convey the positive effect of Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment to the world.


How The Oil Heals Cancer?

Rick believes that it was this oil that made the cancer spots on his skin go away. He swears that if any cancer patient uses Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment on his or her cancer spots, they can see the result within four days. He also prescribed the oil to patients who are suffering from other types of cancer. Rick said that those patients also experienced astounding results of the oil. He believes that if the oil is ingested regularly, the components of the oil can seek and kill the malignant cells out. Rick assures that the components of the oil do not harm the good cells of the body which is not the case for other conventional remedies like radiation.

The Fight for Acknowledgement

After Rick was sure of the positive effects of the hemp oil he wanted to let everybody know about the effects. However, that proved to be very tricky for him. He started an endless battle with the government of Canada to make his discovery acknowledged by the medical professionals. He experienced the same hardship in other countries as well. Though many patients have found relief, the effects of the oil was never researched enough to make it widely acknowledged.

The curative power of the oil became so famous that a documentary was made. The documentary was shot in 2008. In that documentary many patients who got cured by Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment gave an interview regarding their journey to cure. However, the battle to make the oil popular is still on.

Ecommerce Product Page Design Best Practices & Tips for Web Designers

Today, reports claim that there are nearly 110,000 active e-commerce websites in the digital economy. So, if you’ve recently planned to launch your E-commerce websites, you need more than just talented web design company in Canada to make it a hit.

According to numerous marketers, while visuals work best in E-commerce, strategic planning is equally important. So here are certified tips and practices by marketers that ensure profitable gains in the field of E-commerce.web design company in Canada

  1. Adding a prominent Call to Action tone

A strong call to action tone is vital when it comes to any E-commerce website. When it comes to products this means the ‘add to cart’ option. The ‘add to cart option on your feature page should be bold, colorful and powerful enough to garner attention.

Hence, if required sit and discuss color theory guides with your chosen web design company in Canada to find the most appropriate ‘add to cart’ option for your E-commerce website.

  1. Make the price tag visible

A common misconception amongst marketers is hiding the product price if it’s too high. However, experienced web designers claim that if products price are hidden it creates a misconception and mistrust amongst customers against your brand.
Hence, be bold and express the product price and feature it with precision.

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For example, take a look at penguin publications and how they boldly feature the Cost price of books. The visible price tag in body clarity shows excellent web designing too.

Hence, look up popular sites and gather an idea about the kind of feature price your website requires. After that tell your preference to your selected eb design company in Canada and help them develop a clear price tag for your E-commerce website.

  1. Crisp and short information works better than long sentences

One thing to keep in mind is the web audience online have an attention span of less than 3 seconds. So, whether you’re selling a product or service, keep descriptions and write-ups crisp, entertaining, to-the-point and skimmable. Also, make the necessary templates and ask your chosen eb design company in Canada to implement the most attractive templates to draw in customer and increase CTC’s.

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  1. Clear way for breadcrumb trails

In E-commerce it’s a popular choice to install breadcrumb trails. The purpose of these breadcrumb trials is to increase user engagement. These breadcrumbs can be added in any portion of your E-commerce website and these usually take up unused spaces.

Now, one thing to keep in mind is while adding a breadcrumb ensures that the breadcrumb categories added make sense. Moreover, the breadcrumbs should have usability for your online audience as well.

  1. Reviews and more ratings

For every E-commerce site to flourish, it requires user reviews. Today, nearly 80% consumer trust user reviews more than advertisements. So, consult the best web design company in Canada and ensure that your reviews option is pushed far ahead in the product page.

Remember be it ORM or increasing sales, a good review drags in more customers.

Hence, now that your know the tips, consult a reliable web designer and get working to develop the most profitable E-commerce website assuring good ROI.

Essiac Tea Benefits: Can It Really Cure Cancer

Essiac tea is an herbal drink which comprises four main ingredients. The Essiac tea claims to have numerous health benefits and numerous scientific studies have been conducted to prove the claims. The brown concoction can effectively remove toxins, wastes, renews cellular renewal and can also cure gastrointestinal diseases, AIDS and diabetes. Read more to get an idea about Essiac tea cancer.

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What are the Ingredients of Essiac Tea?

Essiac tea is an herbal compound which possesses a rich history. The blend is made up of four ingredients. Burdock root which belongs to the daisy family is believed to be able to treat cancer. It is also known for lowering blood sugar levels, promoting urination, and reducing wrinkles. Indian Rhubarb Root relieves a variety of symptoms like fever and constipation. This ingredient is also believed to treat infections, cancer and reduce the immune system.

Sheep sorrel is capable of reducing diarrhea, fever, cancer or inflammation. Slippery elm is believed to reduce bronchitis or coughing. It also treats an irritable bowel system and diarrhea. The proportions of Essiac tea cancer are debatable. Though the original formula has been kept a secret, it is believed that the proportions of the ingredients and the procedure of consuming the tea play a major role in obtaining the benefits of the herbal tea.

Benefits of Essiac Tea

Essiac tea cancer is believed to have a curing effect on diseases like HIV and AIDS. It also supports the immune system and cures diabetes. The herbal drink is extremely efficient in preventing and treating cancer. The individuals who are not suffering from any kind of illness can drink Essiac tea cancer for detoxification or as a general health tonic.

Essiac tea also acts a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is considered to be the root cause of almost all illnesses. Chronic pain associated with cancer, arthritis and HIV can be treated by consuming Essiac tea. The brown liquid also contains immunomodulatory, antioxidant properties and can kill off tumor cells. Essiac tea is also known for its detoxifying properties and can purify blood, removing the toxins from the bloodstream.

essaic tea cancer

The lymphatic system can also be reduced by consuming Essiac tea because it works as a laxative agent. The herbal drink can cleanse the liver and remove the waste. The liver is cleansed of toxic buildup and waste.

Research Conducted on Essiac Tea

In 1970, a group of investigators had begun a study to identify the benefits of Essiac tea. A study was conducted on mice in order to verify the benefits of Essiac tea. Unfortunately, the results of the study were never revealed and a lot of questions were raised against the methodology adopted during the research.

Later on studies were attempted on the humans of Canada but the research was stopped by the government on grounds of poor formulation and study design. The major health institutes have claimed that no controlled says had been obtained from the research which was done on humans. In spite of the absence of scientific evidence and concerns of some major health organizations, Essiac tea cancer is quite popular and is commonly consumed.



4 Steps of Rehabilitation Process in Rehab Centre for Addiction

In order to recover from any situation, one needs to have the moment of clarity. if you are planning to recover from a condition, you should be prepared that your life is going to change forever and you are hopeful about a better life. It is quite difficult to escape the pangs of drugs and hence the drug and rehab centers are ideal if you are planning to recover from substance abuse.

You might be scared because you have no idea about the rehab. Read more to get a clear idea of the rehabilitation procedure in a few simple steps. If you are well-informed about the steps then you will find yourself at ease while undergoing journey of recovery.

drug addiction rehab


Before entering a treatment for addiction issues, you need to meet a doctor, a psychologist or a counselor at drug and rehab centers. It is an intake process which allows the professional to identify the specific substance treatment which the patient requires. You will be asked your medical history, mental health history and a physical examination will be conducted. You might be asked about the substance which you are using and how you ended up using it.

Every detail that you share during the interview at the drug and rehab centers will be kept a secret. It is not an interrogation process but it is conducted in order to figure out the kind of treatment you will need. You should be open and honest regarding your using habits so that it becomes easier for the professionals.


Detoxification is commonly known as detox and it is a stage when your body is cleansed of all the harmful substances which you have been taking in. It is very important to remove the drugs from your body before starting the rehabilitation process at drug and rehab centers. Detox might be scary for some because the pain of withdrawal often arises then. When an individual is addicted to a drug, the brain requires the drug to function normally, feel good and avoid the symptoms of withdrawal.

The withdrawal symptoms vary from one person to another and are unique in each case. Often it depends on the drug which is used, duration of drug usage, amount of substance intake, family history and health issues. You should always opt for a detox treatment from a professional who is trustworthy and experienced.

There are numerous approaches to detox. The rehabilitation programs use medicines, intensive monitoring and supervision. Medication is used to reduce the pain and detox depending on the severity of withdrawal. Detox is designed to cleanse your body of the addiction and you should visit drug and rehab centers for the treatment.

drug and rehab centers


After all the harmful substances have been removed from the body, the rehabilitation procedure begins. Individual and group therapy is conducted in order to receive the best results. You can gain a deeper understanding about addiction and learn the various ways in which drugs affect the brain. You can also learn new ways to manage stress and enhance your coping skills. You can also create and maintain healthy relationships with others. Visit here to consult with one of the best rehabs- Neworld Detox in Ontario!  

What Does a Dietitian Do on a daily basis?

A registered dietitian Toronto is a health care professional who has been trained to give advice and counseling related to food, nutrition, and diet. They make use of the evidence that is available along with good judgment regarding communities’ or client’s unique circumstances and values to decide recommendations and guidance.

Dietitians are people who help you to make healthy food choices.  They separate your healthy eating plant from the ones that offer optimal nourishment. Dietitians play a vital role in government, education, industry, and health care.  They tend to influence the policy development, manage quality food services, and nutrition programs. Moreover, they also conduct nutrition research.

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Role of a Dietitian

Take a look at the roles performed by a dietician.

  • Advise and prescribe diet to the patient for treating or preventing various lifestyle related diseases and disorders.
  • Dietitian Toronto is also known to look after the RT tube feeding of the patient who are not being able to chew their food.
  • They supervise the quality of food which is consumed by the patient through the process of dietary recall procedure.
  • A dietician calculates the present calorie intake of a particular person and plans the diet accordingly by repairing all the loop holes.
  • Dieticians also work for the food industry to keep a check on the food.
  • They have the ability to formulate their own personalized product and sell it among the target groups.

dieitician toronto

Reasons to Consult a Dietitian

There are various reasons to consult a registered dietitian Toronto.

  • If you have a cardiovascular problem or diabetes, a dietitian will serve as an integral part of your health care team. He/she will help you to change your eating plan safely without compromising on the nutrition or taste.
  • In case you are planning to have a gastric bypass surgery, you should know that your stomach will only be able to manage small servings. Hence, it is a challenge to get the right amount of nutrition. A dietitian will work with you and also your physician to develop an eating habit for your new needs.

  • You have digestive problems, a dietitian will work with your physician in order to fine tune your diet so that you don’t aggravate your condition with fried foods, excessive carbonation or caffeine.
  • You are trying or are pregnant. A dietitian Toronto will ensure that you are getting your nutrients like folate, particularly during the first three months of pregnancy. This will lower the risk for neural tube or spinal cord defects.
  • If you need confidence and guidance in breastfeeding your baby then a dietitian will be able to make sure if you are getting enough vitamin D, iron, and B vitamins for you and your little one.
  • In case you want to enhance your performance in sports, a dietician will help in setting goals that will enable you to achieve the desired results.

diet tips

Dietitian Toronto has to be registered with the dietetic regulatory body in the area that they practice. At present times, dietitians are in demand due to the better understanding of the relationship in between good health and good eating habits. They play an important role in contributing to the well-being and health of the people of Toronto.

What Happens In A CIC Medical Exam?

For millions of immigrants, Canada is the most favored destination for immigration. Unlike other countries, Canada welcomes its immigrants with open arms. Many immigrants might think that the process of immigration is very easy. However, it’s not that simple. Apart from the huge paper works, one needs to go through a CIC medical exam. In fact, a medical examination is mandatory for the immigrants, including the minors.

cic medical exam

Medical Examination

IRCC mentions clearly all over their website that medical examination is mandatory for the immigrants. In fact, immigrants should get the medical tests done as soon as they get a notice from the immigration officials.

The medical tests should be completed within the specified date and the reports should be submitted to the immigration officials. In case, if the reports are not submitted on time, the immigration application might get canceled.


The Exam Is For Everyone

Right from a student to a worker to a visitor is required to go through a medical examination. The medical examination tries to find out if the immigrant is suffering from any medical condition. In case, a person suffers from any condition they might not be denied entry to Canada.

Basically, analyzing the results of CIC medical exam, unnecessary pressure on Canada’s health services can be avoided. Hence, the life of Canadian people can be in safe hands.

What Happens During The Examination?

Basically, an all-inclusive medical and physical examination is carried out on the applicant. As a part of the physical examination, various kinds of laboratory tests are carried out. Apart from the blood tests for HIV and syphilis, chest X-ray is also done. Also, full-body check-up, blood, urine test, and eye check-up forms a part of medical examination.

One shouldn’t forget to mention that personal physicians can’t conduct the CIC medical exam. The examination should be conducted by the expert panel of physician allotted by IRCC. The list of the physician is available on the CIC website. However, once a panel physician is selected, applicants should book an appointment with him.

cic medical

Abide by the Requirements

When appearing for the medical examination, one should pay heed to certain guidelines. For instance, an applicant should bring:

  • Proper identification document, such as passport that must include photo and signature of the applicant.
  • Eye-glasses
  • Four photographs
  • Medical reports of their medical conditions
  • Medical report form

Basically, applicants who are planning to stay in Canada for more than six months should go through CIC medical exam. Also, workers from certain countries, or workers willing to work in the health department, or medical students, etc need to go through a medical examination. Even applicants applying for parent or grandparent visa should go through the exam.

An all-inclusive medical exam can help to keep the health of Canadian people completely safe and secured. For this reason, it carries out different of examination on the immigrants.

It is worth mentioning that the panel physician doesn’t decide the final result of the application. They will just send the CIC medical exam report to the immigration officials. The officials depending on the results will come to a decision.


Dab Rig vs. Bong – What’s the difference?

A Bong and Dab Rig, what makes these two different? In short, any dab rig can be bong and any bong can be a dab rig.  However, if you study the intricate details, you will realize that is large difference in between these two. If you are interested in getting most out of your smoking sessions then you need to ensure that you are using the right piece.

entropy nail

What are You Actually Smoking?

The primary difference in between e nail Canada and bongs is that what you are consuming out of these. Bongs are used with tobacco, flowers, and dry herbs. E nail Canada or dab rigs are used along with legal concentrates like honey, oil, or wax.  This being said, both of these are water pipes which use percolation for filtering your vapor or smoke.

E Nail Canada or Bowl Piece, What to Choose?

As you might already know that water pipes that includes bongs and dab rings has a male or female joint which is capable of accepting any glass accessory with the joint that is present in the opposite hand. Bong will have a bowl piece that will go into that joint so that you are able to smoke dry flowers or herb with the help of the traditional lighter. Nonetheless, in order to vaporize the waxes or concentrated oils, you have to attach the e nail Canada to the joint or the water pipe. Thereafter, you have to heat the dab nail using the the dab torch and thereafter, place the concentrates in the hot nail for the purpose of vaporizing them. After this, add the bowl piece to the water pipe to make it a bong.  And adding the dab nail to the water pipes creates the dab rig.

Is Size Important?

Size is one of the most important things that set bongs and dab rigs apart. When you smoke flowers or dry herbs, you will require a large piece with several percolators for extreme cooling and filtration. When you smoke concentrates, you will need small piece with minimal percolators.  This is because when you combust the flowers in the bong, the smoke is capable of traveling to long distances without even losing its potency.  The longer distance it travels and the greater number of percolators it goes through, the smother it is going to be when it go to your lungs.  When you vaporize the content at a lower temperature than combustion, you need to use a smaller piece with minimum percolators so that the vapor reaches out to the lungs as quickly as possible.

What are the Price of Bongs and Dab Rings?

enail canadaMost of the times, dab rigs and bongs cost the same. However, it depends how fancy you want it to be. The thing which makes e nail Canada more costly than bong is the accessories that are required for dabbing it correctly. You will require a dab nail, carb cap, dab nail, and dabber tool for the same.

If you want, you can use the same piece for concentrates or dry herbs. However, it is better to have two separate pieces, one for the dabs and the other for the flowers.  This is because the flavor that the both offer is completely different. Keep in mind smoking ultimately comes down to your personal choice.