Dab Rig vs. Bong – What’s the difference?

A Bong and Dab Rig, what makes these two different? In short, any dab rig can be bong and any bong can be a dab rig.  However, if you study the intricate details, you will realize that is large difference in between these two. If you are interested in getting most out of your smoking sessions then you need to ensure that you are using the right piece.

entropy nail

What are You Actually Smoking?

The primary difference in between e nail Canada and bongs is that what you are consuming out of these. Bongs are used with tobacco, flowers, and dry herbs. E nail Canada or dab rigs are used along with legal concentrates like honey, oil, or wax.  This being said, both of these are water pipes which use percolation for filtering your vapor or smoke.

E Nail Canada or Bowl Piece, What to Choose?

As you might already know that water pipes that includes bongs and dab rings has a male or female joint which is capable of accepting any glass accessory with the joint that is present in the opposite hand. Bong will have a bowl piece that will go into that joint so that you are able to smoke dry flowers or herb with the help of the traditional lighter. Nonetheless, in order to vaporize the waxes or concentrated oils, you have to attach the e nail Canada to the joint or the water pipe. Thereafter, you have to heat the dab nail using the the dab torch and thereafter, place the concentrates in the hot nail for the purpose of vaporizing them. After this, add the bowl piece to the water pipe to make it a bong.  And adding the dab nail to the water pipes creates the dab rig.

Is Size Important?

Size is one of the most important things that set bongs and dab rigs apart. When you smoke flowers or dry herbs, you will require a large piece with several percolators for extreme cooling and filtration. When you smoke concentrates, you will need small piece with minimal percolators.  This is because when you combust the flowers in the bong, the smoke is capable of traveling to long distances without even losing its potency.  The longer distance it travels and the greater number of percolators it goes through, the smother it is going to be when it go to your lungs.  When you vaporize the content at a lower temperature than combustion, you need to use a smaller piece with minimum percolators so that the vapor reaches out to the lungs as quickly as possible.

What are the Price of Bongs and Dab Rings?

enail canadaMost of the times, dab rigs and bongs cost the same. However, it depends how fancy you want it to be. The thing which makes e nail Canada more costly than bong is the accessories that are required for dabbing it correctly. You will require a dab nail, carb cap, dab nail, and dabber tool for the same.

If you want, you can use the same piece for concentrates or dry herbs. However, it is better to have two separate pieces, one for the dabs and the other for the flowers.  This is because the flavor that the both offer is completely different. Keep in mind smoking ultimately comes down to your personal choice.