Essiac Tea Benefits: Can It Really Cure Cancer

Essiac tea is an herbal drink which comprises four main ingredients. The Essiac tea claims to have numerous health benefits and numerous scientific studies have been conducted to prove the claims. The brown concoction can effectively remove toxins, wastes, renews cellular renewal and can also cure gastrointestinal diseases, AIDS and diabetes. Read more to get an idea about Essiac tea cancer.

essiac tea

What are the Ingredients of Essiac Tea?

Essiac tea is an herbal compound which possesses a rich history. The blend is made up of four ingredients. Burdock root which belongs to the daisy family is believed to be able to treat cancer. It is also known for lowering blood sugar levels, promoting urination, and reducing wrinkles. Indian Rhubarb Root relieves a variety of symptoms like fever and constipation. This ingredient is also believed to treat infections, cancer and reduce the immune system.

Sheep sorrel is capable of reducing diarrhea, fever, cancer or inflammation. Slippery elm is believed to reduce bronchitis or coughing. It also treats an irritable bowel system and diarrhea. The proportions of Essiac tea cancer are debatable. Though the original formula has been kept a secret, it is believed that the proportions of the ingredients and the procedure of consuming the tea play a major role in obtaining the benefits of the herbal tea.

Benefits of Essiac Tea

Essiac tea cancer is believed to have a curing effect on diseases like HIV and AIDS. It also supports the immune system and cures diabetes. The herbal drink is extremely efficient in preventing and treating cancer. The individuals who are not suffering from any kind of illness can drink Essiac tea cancer for detoxification or as a general health tonic.

Essiac tea also acts a natural anti-inflammatory agent. Inflammation is considered to be the root cause of almost all illnesses. Chronic pain associated with cancer, arthritis and HIV can be treated by consuming Essiac tea. The brown liquid also contains immunomodulatory, antioxidant properties and can kill off tumor cells. Essiac tea is also known for its detoxifying properties and can purify blood, removing the toxins from the bloodstream.

essaic tea cancer

The lymphatic system can also be reduced by consuming Essiac tea because it works as a laxative agent. The herbal drink can cleanse the liver and remove the waste. The liver is cleansed of toxic buildup and waste.

Research Conducted on Essiac Tea

In 1970, a group of investigators had begun a study to identify the benefits of Essiac tea. A study was conducted on mice in order to verify the benefits of Essiac tea. Unfortunately, the results of the study were never revealed and a lot of questions were raised against the methodology adopted during the research.

Later on studies were attempted on the humans of Canada but the research was stopped by the government on grounds of poor formulation and study design. The major health institutes have claimed that no controlled says had been obtained from the research which was done on humans. In spite of the absence of scientific evidence and concerns of some major health organizations, Essiac tea cancer is quite popular and is commonly consumed.