How Rick Simpson’s Oil Can Treat Cancer

As cancer is becoming epidemic, more and more doctors are getting aware of the benefits of hemp oil. The problem lies with the conventional thoughts that hinder the positive qualities that hemp oil has on cancer. The limited research that has done on Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment has proved that the components CBD and THC have an amazing effect on the cells of cancer. The researchers have found that the components of the oil show a remarkable effect on the malignant cells. The researchers also claimed that if used with conventional methods such as chemotherapy and radiation, this oil can work miraculously.

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What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is a type of thick and often sticky oil that is comprised of the components CBD and THC. The Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment has the most concentrated forms of cannabis products and can be considered as one of the most powerful alternative medicine that can fight cancer. The oil is extracted from fresh cannabis plants. As a result, the oil is full of THC, the psychoactive compound which is often found in cannabis.


Who Is Rick Simpson?

The oil has been invented by Rick Simpson who dedicated his life to inventing the cure for cancer. The essential oil was derived from hemp by Rick himself. Rick himself was suffering from cancer and experienced the positive effect of the hemp oil first hand. After he was cured of cancer, Rick decided to let other people know about the benefits of the oil. For almost a decade he is trying to convey the positive effect of Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment to the world.


How The Oil Heals Cancer?

Rick believes that it was this oil that made the cancer spots on his skin go away. He swears that if any cancer patient uses Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment on his or her cancer spots, they can see the result within four days. He also prescribed the oil to patients who are suffering from other types of cancer. Rick said that those patients also experienced astounding results of the oil. He believes that if the oil is ingested regularly, the components of the oil can seek and kill the malignant cells out. Rick assures that the components of the oil do not harm the good cells of the body which is not the case for other conventional remedies like radiation.

The Fight for Acknowledgement

After Rick was sure of the positive effects of the hemp oil he wanted to let everybody know about the effects. However, that proved to be very tricky for him. He started an endless battle with the government of Canada to make his discovery acknowledged by the medical professionals. He experienced the same hardship in other countries as well. Though many patients have found relief, the effects of the oil was never researched enough to make it widely acknowledged.

The curative power of the oil became so famous that a documentary was made. The documentary was shot in 2008. In that documentary many patients who got cured by Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment gave an interview regarding their journey to cure. However, the battle to make the oil popular is still on.