What Happens In A CIC Medical Exam?

For millions of immigrants, Canada is the most favored destination for immigration. Unlike other countries, Canada welcomes its immigrants with open arms. Many immigrants might think that the process of immigration is very easy. However, it’s not that simple. Apart from the huge paper works, one needs to go through a CIC medical exam. In fact, a medical examination is mandatory for the immigrants, including the minors.

cic medical exam

Medical Examination

IRCC mentions clearly all over their website that medical examination is mandatory for the immigrants. In fact, immigrants should get the medical tests done as soon as they get a notice from the immigration officials.

The medical tests should be completed within the specified date and the reports should be submitted to the immigration officials. In case, if the reports are not submitted on time, the immigration application might get canceled.


The Exam Is For Everyone

Right from a student to a worker to a visitor is required to go through a medical examination. The medical examination tries to find out if the immigrant is suffering from any medical condition. In case, a person suffers from any condition they might not be denied entry to Canada.

Basically, analyzing the results of CIC medical exam, unnecessary pressure on Canada’s health services can be avoided. Hence, the life of Canadian people can be in safe hands.

What Happens During The Examination?

Basically, an all-inclusive medical and physical examination is carried out on the applicant. As a part of the physical examination, various kinds of laboratory tests are carried out. Apart from the blood tests for HIV and syphilis, chest X-ray is also done. Also, full-body check-up, blood, urine test, and eye check-up forms a part of medical examination.

One shouldn’t forget to mention that personal physicians can’t conduct the CIC medical exam. The examination should be conducted by the expert panel of physician allotted by IRCC. The list of the physician is available on the CIC website. However, once a panel physician is selected, applicants should book an appointment with him.

cic medical

Abide by the Requirements

When appearing for the medical examination, one should pay heed to certain guidelines. For instance, an applicant should bring:

  • Proper identification document, such as passport that must include photo and signature of the applicant.
  • Eye-glasses
  • Four photographs
  • Medical reports of their medical conditions
  • Medical report form

Basically, applicants who are planning to stay in Canada for more than six months should go through CIC medical exam. Also, workers from certain countries, or workers willing to work in the health department, or medical students, etc need to go through a medical examination. Even applicants applying for parent or grandparent visa should go through the exam.

An all-inclusive medical exam can help to keep the health of Canadian people completely safe and secured. For this reason, it carries out different of examination on the immigrants.

It is worth mentioning that the panel physician doesn’t decide the final result of the application. They will just send the CIC medical exam report to the immigration officials. The officials depending on the results will come to a decision.